April 3, 2010

Brazil Butt Lift

work out DVD, fitness, butt, work out, gluteus maximus, beachbodyIt's been about a week since I have started working out to this new work out DVD program called Brazil Butt Lift. No, it is not a surgical procedure to force my gluteus maximus to rise. It is actually an exercise program that focuses on building the muscles that make up our booties!

Now, there are different schools of thought on whether or not it is possible to focus on only one targeted area of the body for fitness. Known as "zone training", or "zone targeting", some people do not agree that it works, while others attest to the power of it.

This work out DVD set incorporates a cardio aspect, which is in the form of Brazilian dancing. Yes, the entire program is led by a Brazilian fitness trainer named Leandro Carvalho (complete with a heavy Brazilian accent, so heavy that the discs have Set Up options to include subtitles in Spanish and in English).

Even the titles of each day's worth of exercises are in Brazilian. "Bum Bum", "Bum Bum Rapido", and "Cardio Axe", and quick flashes to the scenery of the beaches of Rio de Janeiro are a few examples of how themed this muscle-toning program is.

There is, as most Beachbody products, an included nutrition guide. There are multiple options of meals, complete with recipes and portion sizes to measure.

What has made it inspiring and fun is the product design itself. On each work out DVD there is a printed image of a gorgeous swimsuit model wearing, of course, a bikini and a toned butt! Some of the models featured are most likely Alessandra Ambrosio, a Victoria's Secret "Angel".

This is because Leandro is the bum bum trainer for many of the Victoria's Secret Angels. He is the go-to guy for toning and firming before these ladies have to do any photo shoots or fashion shows.

The other parts of the work out are not cardio-based, but because your booty is incorporated of very large muscle groups, any strenuous activity involving it will immediately invoke sweat!

Work outs, such as squats, leg lifts, side lunges, etc are standard, but in this Brazil Butt Lift all of the moves are done at various different angles. This ensures that every part of the muscle is being worked out.

Before you start doing the program, you should fill out the measurement card, where there is an illustration of a flabbier you, lines pointing to various parts of your body, and a section to write in your measurement (using the included tape). On the other half of the card is a fitter looking you, with sections where you will write in your measurements after you complete the work out.

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